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Knotwood Woodgrain Products

It's Not Wood, It's Aluminum.
Lighter, Stronger, and Straighter than real wood.

Aluminum that looks and feels like wood.

The natural beauty and timeless appeal of wood with the capabilities of aluminum.

Knotwood uses a state of the art sublimation process to create woodlike aluminum thats greener, safer, stronger and easier to use than wood.

From traditional warm woody hues to dark modern ashes, Knotwood has the most extensive range inspired from the natural world.

See our full range of custom sublimation colors here:

Knotwood: Services


A fence is generally the first feature noticed with any home casting a massive impact on look and appearance. Traditional wooden fences can rot, warp and look deteriorated over time. It’s not just how great the fence looks that matters, but also how well it does the job, and how much time and effort it takes to ensure it stays up to the task. Knotwood’s aluminum ensures that all your fencing needs and wants are filled. It’s a simple, stylish and cost-effective solution that promises to look better for longer.
Our simple fencing system offers you the flexibility to create a fence to suit all your requirements. You chose the height, size and width of your slats. Lay slats vertical, horizontal, diagonal or mix and match. Butt  slats together for full privacy or space apart to see the view beyond.
Our images below provide you with some of the most popular fencing solutions.



A gate is a common addition to any home. Whether it be on the driveway, entrance, side of the house or pool, it needs to perform repeatedly and daily without fail. Knotwood’s gate system was specifically designed with reinforced hard-wearing components that simply clip together and remain true and stable over time. Strength, durability and style are key in any Knotwood gate system.
We designed this system to conceal screws and fasteners, so what you’re left with is something sleek and stylish.



Whether it’s privacy you’re after or to conceal garbage bins, pool filters and pumps, water tanks, a/c units or shade covers, Wren Services has a screen system designed to suit all applications. Unlike timber screens, Knotwood’s aluminum screens won’t rot, warp or require constant painting and maintenance, making it a long term and very cost effective solution. Our screens are based on our easy to put together batten system which gives you the flexibility to choose the thickness, spacing and angle of the slats. This means you have full control over the amount of privacy, airflow and sun penetration.
Woodgrain colors can help your screens blend into your surrounds or match the exterior color of your home by choosing one of our Dulux Powdercoat colors.



In recent years cladding has turned from classic to contemporary using new materials with new applications. In keeping with progression, Wren Services can provide a siding system that has been engineered to be versatile in its uses, without losing its timeless traditional appeal. It has superior resistance to weathering than wood and boasts minimal maintenance.
Select one of our Woodgrain colors for a modern play on the traditional or choose from our deluxe color range for a more monochrome look.



Soffits installed by Wren Services are a key construction element that provides a clean, finished look to the underside of your eaves. Soffits do not need to be drab or uninteresting. Knotwood’s soffit system offers superior appearance and performance by combining the strength and durability of aluminum with the natural appeal of wood.
Soffits have historically required frequent maintenance due to a build-up of humidity and rapid deterioration of the paint applied to the wood soffit. Knotwood’s Aluminum soffit systems not only promotes maximum airflow efficiency but also eliminates the need for repainting and regular maintenance.



Whether it’s an outdoor covered room, patio, or pergola, Knotwood gives you the flexibility to create your ideal space. With its superior capabilities over wood, your outdoor design options are far greater. This system is capable of spanning large areas, requiring minimal posts and fasteners. The durability of aluminum means your outdoor area will not only look great but endure the test of time with minimal maintenance.
Knotwood awning and pergola system components are available in a huge range of natural woodgrain textures and/or a range of solid powder coat colors.



Knotwood’s traditional wood-look and wide range of timber colors, make it easy to find the perfect deck color. There are many reasons why aluminum is the perfect decking material: lightweight, easy to install, simple interlocking installation, strength and impermeable to insect influxes. Alumnimum does not crack, rot or require continued maintenance like real wood.



Knotwood’s Balustrade/Railing system is an eye-catching and safe alternative to traditional balustrade. The strength of Knotwood’s engineered aluminum sections really shine through to provide comfort, safety and luxurious good looks all at the same time.
Knotwood’s balustrade supports all available Slats and Glass infill panels.


Trash Can Enclosures

Top-down cladding installation allowing for a single installer and easier bottom-up repairs.
Knotwood equipment and trash enclosures are available in a large range of natural woodgrain colors or a range of custom solid powder coat colors.

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